Cost and Management Accounting

All MCQ Questions of Cost and Management Accounting

A. Total contribution Margin/ Sales.

B. Sales / Contribution Margin per

C. Fixed cost/ Contribution margin per unit.

D. Sales / Variable costs.

Correct Answer: A

A. Maximize profits

B. Help in inventory valuation

C. Provide information to management for decision making

D. Aid in the fixation of selling price

Correct Answer: C

A. Final Interest-Free Option

B. First in First out Method

C. None of the given options

D. Fixed income Financial Operations

Correct Answer: B

A. Zero-base budgeting is a technique applied in government budgeting in order to have a neutral effect on policy issues

B. Zero-base budgeting requires a completely clean sheet of paper every year, on which each part of the organization must justify the budget it requires

C. Zero-base budgeting starts with the figures of the previous period and assumes a zero rate of change

D. Zero based budgeting is an alternative name of flexible budget

Correct Answer: B